Easy ways to reduce stress at work

What’s the best way to handle stress at work? Try these tips and techniques from career specialists Position Ignition to help keep your cool.

  1. Picture a relaxing place

Imagine sitting on the beach with no cares in the world.  Approaching a situation with a clear mind and calm manner can make things seem less difficult.

  1. Have a laugh

Studies have shown that laughter can help to reduce stress (and even make you healthier). Find a funny person to talk to or read a funny book, watch a funny movie or YouTube clip. Do something that will make you laugh and take your mind off any stress.


  1. Take your time

Stressful situations can cause people to react in the heat of the moment, which is not always for the best. If you’re feeling cross or angry, try and cool down before firing off a hasty email or taking any action which you’ll later regret. Thinking things through usually results in a better outcome all round.

  1. Draw on your past experiences

Try and recall past events that have similarities with your current issue. This will give you insight on what to do and also help you realise that you are capable of getting through this situation too.

  1. Don’t be the hero

When you need to figure out a problem, don’t try to do it alone. Seek out help from colleagues and friends or talk to your manager.  Don’t take the burden on yourself – get advice, help and support to find a solution.

Source From: http://icould.com/article/easy-ways-to-reduce-stress-at-work/


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