How to impress the hiring manager?

While you are searching for job, you have to make your resume appealing with these tips to impress the hiring manager who is responsible for giving you a position and knows better about the job you are applying for.

1. Highlight your accomplishments

The job description highlights the areas of expertise the hiring manager wants in an employee. Tailor your accomplishments and experiences to the most important qualifications in the description. For example, if the first qualification listed states that five years or more experience managing client accounts is required, one of your first and most important work experiences listed on your resume should state something about managing client accounts.


2. Correlate with job description

The hiring manager wants to see a resume that correlates to the job description as much as possible. If one qualification asks for three years of supervisory experience, your career summary section at the top of the page should make it easy for the manager to confirm you meet this requirement, even if you have experience from more than one previous employer. Mention you earned four years of managerial experience between two dedicated teams of two years each in the career summary to create a neat package of the most important skills you bring to the position. This section places the most important qualifications in an easy-to-read format for someone to browse quickly and then the person can read further if the career summary piques his interest.

3. Specify Skills

Some positions require very specific skill sets, such as knowing a particular software program or having a certification. Saying you have a skill or certification does not set you apart from other candidates in the mind of a hiring manager. Listing your expertise about San Serif PagePlus is great, but how do you use it to accomplish tasks? Mention that you created webpage graphics, YouTube intros and e-newsletter layouts with the software as a way to market your knowledge of the program. Samples of this type of work help in this regard because they show you have what it takes to get results.

Demonstrating your skills and qualifications turns your job experiences into tangible assets for hiring managers. Showcase these elements as a means of impressing the person responsible for giving you the job. A well-written resume is key to getting these points across in a clear, concise and engaging manner, as the document makes someone seek more details about your expertise.


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