Ways to be productive

Everyone is bound with commitments . Some of them we accomplish , while other we do not. Getting more things done efficiently in less span of time is called productivity.  We need to use our resources in a specific time. Here are some tips to be productive in your workplace.

Arrange your desk

This is the first thing you need towards productivity. Keep your cubicle neat . From the paper to the files on the computer , everything should be organized and easy to go through when you need something. Cleanliness and organization are mood boosters at their core. They improve your mood and makes you work efficiently.

No multitasking:

Focus on what’s in hand right now . Because when we try to do more than one thing at a time then we will do them all slowly and we tend to make mistakes and nothing will be completed. Focus on one thing at a time. Finish it. Now move on to the next task. Learn the shortcuts wherever you find.


Create your own target

Human mind likes to chase things. Create your own target which you want to achieve and then try to complete it within a certain time. Reward yourself once you complete it. Take a small break and go for the next task.

Avoid perfection

The desire to shine is a good thing but  when it spills over into perfectionism it can also cause a lot of trouble. Don’t try perfection in everything. This creates mental stress and also more time will get wasted before completing the task. Do your best . Let the results speak.

Don’t over-work

If you are supposed to leave at 5pm leave at 5pm. Only inefficient people work overtime because they have  invited the burden to themselves by not prioritizing their work.  This can be made possible by avoiding procrastination and by scheduling your tasks.

Use the right tools

Use productivity apps and tools for a easier way to complete tasks. For example

  • Evernote – App for taking notes. Create, edit and share notes.
  • Lightshot – Best screenshot extension
  • Google Drive – Save important files and folders in google drive. You can access it from anywhere
  • Hootsuite – Hootsuit is colossal for managing social media accounts.
  • Ginger- Extension for grammer and spell checker

Eliminate distractions

Eliminate any kind of hurdles when you move towards your task. It may be bad lighting or it may be your talkative neighbor.  Avoid them politely. Don’t go for unnecessary breaks with your friends. You can chat with friends later but you can’t pause the deadline.



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